Community Supporters & Funders

The sponsors of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre are an essential component of the financial well-being of the NACC and its activities.  The NACC welcomes the support of northern and global corporations, businesses, and individuals.

Individual, corporate, and/or foundation sponsors help to underwrite production costs for each NACC production. Sponsorships cover school and community outreach programs throughout the Northwest Territories, and also help with artist travel, accommodation and promotions of the events.

During the 2012-2013 Season, the NACC hosted over 115 events in 10 communities in the Northwest Territories. Their combined programs brought in over over 23,000 patrons and participants. This 2013-2014 Season the NACC will be actively running school programs, community workshops, and public performances across the Territory and is grateful for the sponsors that have provided the ressources to do this. 

To show appreciation for support of NACC programming, the NACC offers recognition at varying degrees, dependant on the level of sponsorship. Please contact us directly for more details or for information about becoming a sponsor or community supporter.